Best Languages To Learn For Business

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If you want to be able to speak a new language with many other people, perhaps it’s best to learn one of the world’s most spoken languages like Mandarin or Spanish. Whatever your motivation is, these are the top ten most important languages to learn. Learn with us. . English Learn English. English is the lingua franca of business and academia. In most countries it is the primary second language taught in schools and can be understood to some extent by of the world’s population..Given that Spanish is the second most spoken language in America, it’s easily the best to learn for those looking to broaden their horizons within the USA. In addition to doing better business in the United States, Spanish could broaden horizons in countries like Paraguay and Ecuador..Rosetta Stone is the best known online language learning system, with learning platforms for business, the public sector and higher education. There is a cost structure, ranging from $ for a six month subscription to $ for a month subscription..

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