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Dog Training Courses, including Competition Obe.nce, Agility, Rally Obe.nce and Heel Work to Music..Obe.nce originated from the Working Trials, which were run by German Shepherd Dog clubs in the s with the first ever Obe.nce classes being held at .

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Image Result For Dog Training Classes Rugby

Chaperone K offer highly trained family protection dogs, specialist in personal protection dogs and residential dog training throughout the UK and Europe..SmartPaws Dog Training encourage handlers and dogs with positive training methods. Located in the Tamworth UK we are open to all breeds of dogs. Our class structure caters for dogs starting their first training puppy socialisation classes, to those competing in international agility tests..Weight Loss Body Fat Reduction via circuit training Sport Specific Testing and Training e.g. basketball, track and field, soccer Job Specific Testing and Training e.g. firefighters, salt miners, salt workers, police officers, EMS personnel .

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