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Dog School is a professional and friendly dog trainer and dog training firm offering a range of dog obe.nce courses in Sutton, Epsom, Croydon and Surrey..If you are looking for dog training in Surrey, Sutton, Epsom, Banstead We offer a range of services including puppy training classes, dog agility training, and .

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Image Result For Dog Training Classes Sutton Surrey

The village is on the spring line between the chalk of the North Downs and London Clay, and there are springs that are the source of the Hogsmill River..Function. A setter silently searches for game by scent hunting is done systematically and methodically. When prey is encountered the dog freezes rather than chasing after the game..Surrey KT DP Champ Ob Becky Coleman, Tel Ticket judges are Dog Michelle Newman, and Bitch Rob Bint. Sorry NO overnight camping this year.

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