Mci Courses Worth College Credits

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Some Distance Learning Courses MarineNet Courses and courses formerly known as MCIs also are worth college credits. Military Occupational Specialty .The list of Marine Net MCI courses that count for credits are in the I got credit hours for them so I didn t think those would be worth posting.. Marine Corps ? I just need a list of MCI s that can be used as college credits. Course Course Name Study Hours ACE Credit Hours.

Washington Navy Yard DC . or vocational certificate. their MCI course record. Attn SSD. complete home and or school address. MCI Annual Course Listing . ACE lists its recommendation for awarding educational credit or course equivalency in specific degree certificate categories. To receive college credit for a MCI course..Marine Net courses will count for shit at a college. Very limited and specific colleges accept your JST for what it is, and for very specific degrees. When I tried to do the whole college credit thing, they only gave me PE and one elective out of the hundreds of “college credits” I got in the Marine Corps..What MarineNet Classes count towards college credit? Results of AMU accepts all kinds of stuff as credits. Well worth looking into. , AM . saulsel. View Profile if it is it will state how much credits you receive for that MCI, also you can go to your local on base education office and request a print out of your .

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