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Repeat times. Keep in mind that McKenzie low back exercises are not merely a set of exercises that should be done as a group. The best way to get the most benefit from the exercises is to find a physical therapist trained in the McKenzie Method who can assess your condition and prescribe the best exercise for you..Some McKenzie Exercises. Exercise Lying Face Down. Exercise Lying Face Down in Extension. Exercise Extension in Lying. Exercise Extension in Standing. Exercise Flexion in Lying. Exercise Flexion in Sitting. Exercise Flexion in Standing..The the.utic approach requires a patient to move through a series of activities and test movements to gauge the patient s pain response. The approach then uses that information to develop an exercise protocol designed to centralize or alleviate the pain. In This Article McKenzie Therapy for Mechanical Low Back Pain..

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Image Result For Mckenzie Method Exercises

The McKenzie Method Background Robin McKenzie developed the method in the late s. In he launched the concept which he called Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy MDT a system encompassing assessment evaluation , diagnosis and treatment for the spine and extremities..The McKenzie method is a classification system and a classification based treatment for patients with low back pain. A acronym for the McKenzie method is mechanical diagnosis and therapy MDT . The McKenzie method was developed in by Robin McKenzie, a physical therapist from New Zealand..The McKenzie method also MDT = Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy is a comprehensive method of care primarily used in physical therapy. New Zealand physical therapist Robin McKenzie, OBE [] developed the method in the late s..

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