Parole Officer Training Requirements

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Most state and federal parole agencies require that parole officer applicants hold a bachelor s degree in criminal justice, psychology, social work, or corrections. Some employers require a master s degree in criminal justice or a related field..In order to become a parole officer an individual must first obtain a bachelor s degree. The most commonly held degrees by parole officers include corrections, criminal justice, psychology, social work, sociology, counseling, business administration, and other degrees related to these areas..

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Security Officer Training Programs and Courses. Security officers provide protective services that help to deter crime, ensure safety and enforce laws..Becoming a Probation Officer Education, Certification and Training. College Degree Almost all judicial districts that hire probation officers require job candidates to have a bachelor’s degree at minimum, and many require or suggest a master’s degree. The most common majors among probation officers are Criminal justice.Overview and Minimum Qualifications. Challenging. Rewarding. Life Changing. Never a dull moment. It’s a side of law enforcement that many people don’t know much about a career in Probation and Parole P P ..

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