Parrot Clicker Training Tips

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To maximize your training sessions, use tiny bites of a treat so that your bird is rewarded with a tasty snack without filling up within the first few minutes. Tiny bites of diced apple or bits of gmake excellent training treats that will satisfy and reward your bird without making him too full too quickly..Click once in out . If you want to express extra enthusiasm, occasionally increase the number of treats, or supplement with lavish praise create the “jackpot” effect . Do not increase the number of clicks. Keep the clicker with you or have it handy so that you can use it when you spot the desired behavior..Use these clickers to achieve the best training results by employing positive reinforcement and clicker training techniques. Parrots learn behaviors much quicker when using a clicker as a bridge to signal the moment the correct behavior is achieved..

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Image Result For Parrot Clicker Training Tips

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