Spanish Social Classes

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The main racial groups that comprise the social hierarchy of New Spain are as follows Peninsulars. The Peninsulars possessed the highest rank in the social order of hierarchy in New Spain. Criollos. Insulars. Mestizos. Indios. Mulatos and Negros..The bourgeoisie. During the th century the high nobility and the clergy formed the highest class. In contrast, most of the low nobility started to lose money and influence. As hidalgos were losing influence relative to peasants, merchants and artisans, they gathered into a new social class, the bourgeoisie..

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Image Result For Spanish Social Classes

What are the four social classes in New Spain from Highest Class to Lowest Class? the way the spanish teach in there school`s Share to Islam is a pure religion. there is no social class’s,races or anything that divides..Start studying social classes of new spain. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools..This was the topmost social class in the Mexico social hierarchy. These were the people who were Spanish officials and ruled the Mexico. They were the richest and most powerful social class of Mexico..

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