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A tutorial on how to play Fun s We Are Young. More videos like this one can be found for FREE on .Reading Music Course and a whole lot more Beginner? Try this new app .

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My piano had been in our family since I was young and we needed some information about wether it was worth selling. We had already read some things about this particular brand but couldn’t seem to find out anything else..Learn what you need to sound like a pro from a working musician who knows the tricks. Use this special “Number System” to short cut your learning curve and be able to play songs almost immediately. This teaches you a lot quickly, and you’ll learn how to actually understand everything and be able to play yourself, much faster than with traditional piano lessons..Click here if you haven’t signed toPiano Playground, our free E zine yet. Make sure you do that in order to get the user name and password codes for the piano sheets and tabs we provide for each piano tutorial and lesson And I’ll keep you posted with the new piano lessons and videos on our site ..

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