We Did Not Send A Packet Disable Method

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Debug Next authentication method publickey debug Offering RSA public key ~ .ssh id_rsa we did not send a packet, disable method..I ve just had the same problem. Two raspberry Pis on my local network one connected, one didn t with the debug we did not send a packet, disable method .When managing a lot of server it s quite convenient to set up SSH to login without asking for a password. The method consists of just simepl .

We did not send a packet, disable method This is a lie because the actual key wasn’t tried, it apparently used the local public key file with the matching name to figure out if it was likely to work and then didn’t actually do anything when they were a mismatch..I ran into a problem where I’d get we did not send a packet, disable method because the private key file did not have a newline at the end of the last line This was for an Ed key, not RSA with an RSA private key, I did not experience this problem! , but still posting this as an answer in the hopes it helps some future visitors..I’m getting prompted for a password even though it looks like my SSH key is accepted. As far as I can tell, the line “Server accepts key pkalg ssh rsa blen ” in the logs below mean my key is accepted..

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