Weakness Of Traditional Learning System

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Traditional education is an active mode of learning. These were some of the benefits and disadvantages of traditional education system..In comparison, traditional classroom learning has several disadvantages. Lacks Student Focused Learning. Lacks Emphasis on Critical Thinking. Lacks Process Oriented Learning. Lacks Emphasis on Larger Concepts or Structures. Lacks Interactivity..Above are described only several strengths and weaknesses of traditional education. Just like everything in our life, the educational system is .

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Weaknesses of Traditional Cost Accounting System. Providing inaccurate costing information leads to taking of wrong decisions by the top management if used for control purposes or for fixing selling prices or sending quotations..Statement Outline. Teacher and instructor centred learning is an inefficient solution for education as compared to more active learning styles, in particular when applied throughout an organization or on a nation wide scale as the leading pedagogical approach..Reformers advocate a move away from traditional, teacher centered, didactic direct instruction, where students are passive receptors of knowledge, toward more student centered understanding based constructivist teaching that focuses on exploration and experimentation and reinforces lifelong learning skills..

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